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Tarot Card Reading in Singapore

All my closest friends and family know that I've been seeing Tarot Mamta for the last 7 years and she's honestly my trusted go-to Tarot Card Reader in Singapore whenever I need advice or guidance.

I recently caught up with a friend after a long time and the first thing she started gushing about was Tarot Mamta. We exchanged our personal experiences in record speed and had such a good laugh.

Many of you know her about her Tarot Card journey and if you don't, you can read all about it on

My Tarot Card Reading experience has always been the typical one where you make an appointment and get a reading in person however thanks to the lockdown in Singapore, I had no choice but to get my Tarot Card Reading done over the phone!

At first I was skeptical, like how am I going to pick a card when it's not my energy touching it but I was so surprised at how accurate she was and it saved me the hassle of dragging myself out of my house. Yes yes, many of you assume I love going out thanks to my Instagram feed but i'm honestly the happiest chilling on my couch.

Over the years, I've had numerous Tarot Card Reading sessions with Tarot Mamta but what I find extremely useful is the Tarot Card Process that she does that is personalised for you.

You can also learn Tarot Card Reading from her, as she offers Basic and Advanced Tarot Card Reading classes.

She has taught me so much on how to sage myself and my house which is such a useful practice that I always suggest to my friends.

You can follow Tarot Mamta on Instagram to get tips and tricks on using herbs for wealth, luck and love. She also publishes a monthly Tarot Card Reading on for free.

PS: Tarot Mamta is at times really busy so don't be surprised if you get 1-word replies as she's constantly guiding others throughout the day. Even I have to catch her at the right time which is why she has added Email Tarot Card Reading especially to cater to her international clients.

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