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SMIB: Highly Effective Haircare That I've Tried To Date

If you've got endless scalp & hair concerns like I do, you gotta give SMIB hair care a try!

Made without 23 harmful ingredients to reduce hairless & improve your scalp condition, here's why I'm sold:

1. My scalp is less greasy after just 1 wash. I used to wake up every morning and dislike the feeling of needing to wash my hair immediately because the top part of my scalp would be greasy

I don't need to wash my hair the minute I get up which honestly allows me to better manage my time and day

2. It's been just a few washes as I've been alternating my wash to test the range out and my scalp does not itch or flake

I recently reviews a shampoo that destroyed my scalp which at times can be a little painful to have to fix it again

3. Today's wash, 1 strand of hair fall vs a chunk on my 1st wash

4. It's just 4 products in total

A Coral Shampoo To Cleanse Your Scalp With $39.90 for 500ml or $19.90 for 100ml

My Verdict: I've used really excellent shampoo and in fact was raving about another one prior to trying this. What I really like is that my scalp does not feel greasy the next day and I have seen a reduction in hair fall in a really short span of time.

A Treatment To Apply On Your Hair and Scalp $39.90 for 500ml or $19.90 for 100ml

My Verdict: A must-use, a step that you cannot afford to miss. After you're done washing your scalp, you'll notice a change in your hair's pH level hence it's a must to rebalance your hair so that it feels softer.

A Scalp Massager To Comb Your Hair While Massaging Your Scalp $99.90

My Verdict: As I'm always in a hurry, I use this as a massaging comb just to save time. It's more worth it to get the Premium Starter Kit Set which includes this.

A Coral Calcium Hair Essence For Your Scalp $39.90 for 115ml

My Verdict: This Coral Calcium Hair Essence has really helped reduce inflammation and itch on my scalp. It has a really cooling and refreshing feeling.

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