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Project Cookoh: Bakes By Heni

Project Cookoh is a project to kick start home businesses for stay-home women based in rental communities in Singapore, primarily in the neighbourhood of Jalan Kukoh.

Project Cookoh started during Circuit Breaker to help women, some of whom are single mothers, earn their own income with their talents in home-cooking and baking. These women are part of ReadAble, a literacy non-profit.

Bakes by Heni is Muslim-owned and Halal.

Heni is an experienced home-baker, selling a plethora of delightful home-baked goods. The most popular item on her menu are brownies.

Crackly on the outside, yet fudgy and rich on the inside – that’s how the perfect brownies are supposed to be. They taste of the honest goodness of real butter and real chocolate.

Just the right consistency of dense yet fairly moist, these brownies have just the right sweetness and are best served warm.

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with hot chocolate sauce, would make the perfect dessert.

These generous crowd pleasers keep well, and continue to taste great after some days. On top of regular classic brownies, they also come in Almond and Cheesecake flavours.

Bakes by Heni also has to-die-for Nutella cookies, each weighing approx. 150 grams at 13cm! Try her baked goods today to understand why it’s so popular.

Delivery available on:

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