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Orient Express Comes To Singapore

The Orient Express is finally in Singapore after years of hearing about it through the grapevine.

From 12th Dec 2020 - 13th June 2021, members of the public can now visit the Orient Express Exhibition by getting their tickets online.

The exhibition experience is like a visit to a museum which was an eye opener of the sheer opulence and scandals back in the day.

I personally loved the dining aspect of it and have booked a table for myself and my girlfriends to try Double Three Michelin-Starred Chef @yannickalleno's cuisine.

December and January dining slots are booking up fast and do note it's best to come in groups of 4 due to the seating arrangements of the train.

I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of the fact that the Orient Express is here in Singapore and to go check it out.

The Orient Express also has a fancy lounge for you to sip on some of the most exquisite whiskies such as Chivas Regal Royal Salute.

For more information, visit

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