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Henna Fetish: Get Your Mehndi On

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

With over 15 years of Henna art experience, Henna Fetish is a self-taught Henna artist based in Singapore.

Saras Reena, the woman behind the famous Henna Fetish account on Instagram, fell in love with Henna at the age of 11. Her parents used to take her to the Deepavali Bazaars along Little India which had many stores offering Henna art. She would insist on getting it done and they would easily charge her parents $80 for simple designs which got her thinking.

Saras quickly realised that she can purchase Henna cones instead of getting them done at the Deepavali Bazaars and started doodling on herself and her mother's hands.

Back in the day, there was no YouTube or online learning of Henna art so Saras's mother would buy her Henna art books for her to start practicing with pen and paper. With tons of practise and confidence, Saras moved on to mastering her control of the Henna cone.

With 67,000 followers on her Instagram account Henna Fetish, Saras has worked on over 1,000+ brides creating her own Henna designs. She is one of the go-to Henna artists in Singapore for Bridal Henna and she spends 4 hours creating Henna designs on each bride. Most brides trust her and allows her to freestyle to surprise them.

I had Saras over to get my Henna art done so as to accessorise for Diwali. I went with the intention of keeping it simple but the second she started, even I said go for it - surprise me and boy did I love it.

You can reach her out to her @HennaFetish or

to enquire about individual sessions or group bookings for a maximum of 5 ladies.

Accessories by Fervor Montreal

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