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DRx Essential Facial Rejuvenation

The DRx group unveils its second DRx Medical Clinic at East Coast and offers a full suite of face and body aesthetic treatment as well as their derma-Rx skincare line.

I met with Dr Harvey Ho, who analysed my skin and walked me through the DRx Essential Facial Rejuvenation steps.

Here are my favourite parts of the DRx Essential Facial Rejuvenation:

Derma-RX Arazyme Exfoliant

My facial started with the cleansing of my skin and the application of the all new Derma-RX Arazyme Exfoliant. This exfoliant is an innovative blend of of skin-active ingredients including a patented digestive enzyme that dissolves dead skin cells from the outer most layer of the skin without irritation. I have a really sensitive left cheek and it did not tingle.

vGlow Skin Re/vitalising Deep Cleanse

The new Venus Glow Machine consists of a 360 rotating tip and two jet streams of vGlow Concentrate, a proprietary botanical blend with micelles to deeply purge pores of impurities, excess sebum, and promote local micro-blood circulation while restoring the skin's pH to an ideal level of 5.5.


Once the skin is cleansed, DermaElectroPoration technology is used to deliver the Essential Skin Re/Solution and other potent skin actives deep into the hypodermis layer of the skin.

Hailed as the only FDA-approved, non-invasive alternative to injections, this technology delivers the powerful detoxifying benefits of the Essential Skin Re/Solution, a skin elixir containing a ferment extract called EXO-P that reverses the adverse ageing effects of living in a city.

Alginate Mask

A custom-made proprietary alginate mask for DRx seals the skin actives and provides deep hydration for long-lasting results.

After my facial, I touched my face and my skin felt really smooth and soft. I looked into the mirror and my skin looked visibly brighter. The results have lasted me for almost 3 weeks!

The DRx Essential Facial Rejuvenation is priced at $420 but there's an introductory price of $240.

The DRx Clinic is located at 907 East Coast Road #01-03, Springvale Singapore 459107

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