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BRANDFIT: Shop Premium Korean Produce in Singapore at Como Dempsey

BRANDFIT stocks its premium Korean produce at Culina at COMO Dempsey - Singapore's go-to premium grocery store for epicurean food and wine. 

Founded by accomplished Chef, TV Host and Food Author Olivia Lee, BRANDFIT was established to help Korean farmers and artisanal producers with exceptional products enter new international markets.

As Korean produce is not widely available in Singapore but BRANDFIT imports a wide range of ingredients that highlight the quality and diversity of Korean produce.

Highlighting premium Korean products, you'll find fresh produce such as Jeju Abalone, Matsutake (pine mushrooms), Korean Sang-ju Shine Muscat grapes, Naju pear, Korea's luxury Seji Muskmelons, Gapyeong Yellow Pine Nuts, and much more.

To enhance your cooking, you can also get artisanal sauces and condiments such as the Seoul Sisters Kimchi Seasoning, Snow Crab White Soy Sauce, Muhwadam Green Fig Jam, and make Korean rice with gourmet Golden Queen 3 Rice.

We had a delicious home cooked dinner using these premium ingredients from Korea and loved our meal.

All premium Korean fruits, vegetables, seafood, and artisanal sauces imported by BRANDFIT are available for purchase at Culina at COMO Dempsey.

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