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5 Benefits of Nurika's Natural Mineral EM Bar Soap

After 10 years of extensive research, masters of soap-making in Korea have created Nurika's Em Bar Soap, that is made with carefully sourced ingredients.

Here are the 5 key benefits of Nurika's Em Bar Soap that spoke to me:

1. Cleanses & Moisturises Your Skin

Nurika's EM Bar Soap cleanses your skin with organic Glycerin which prevents dry skin and increases the absorption of moisturising ingredients

2. Protects Your Skin

It prevents your skin from aging, allowing your skin to breathe and metabolise for a healthy-looking complexion.

3. Healing Effect

The unique ingredients contained in Nurika's Em Bar Soap soothes down itchiness caused by acne and atopy. It even helps the skin with eczema, wound, inflammation, laceration, and burns.

4. Skin Regeneration

Nurika's Em Bar Soap contains antioxidants that helps neutralises pollution.

5. No Nasties!

It does not contain any parabens, preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes, artificial hardener and ethanol.

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