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EmSculpt Neo: 20,000 Crunches in 30 Minutes

EmSculpt Neo at Mendis Aesthetics Burns Fat While Building Muscles in Just 30 minutes

EmSculpt Neo is the latest FDA-approved procedure that combines Radio Frequency and High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Plus (HIFEM+) which are 2 procedures done together in 1 single treatment to simultaneously burn fat while building muscle.

It can be done for both men and women on your Abdomen (Tummy), Buttocks, Arms, Love Handles, Thighs and Calves and my focus area of course was my abdomen.

I met with Dr Rohan Mendis at Mendis Aesthetics for a consultation prior to starting EmSculpt Neo. Dr Rohan was very upfront with me that I would need at least 8 sessions and which managed my expectations as I had previously tried Fat Freezing, Radio Frequency and many other alternatives over the last 6 years.

My first session was a little unnerving as I had no idea what to expect. I was told that it may be uncomfortable at times hence I was holding my breath but it was surprisingly alright. 30 minutes went by and yes, I did break a sweat as you feel the muscle contractions of a workout even though you’re just laying down.

Dr Mendis was very upfront with me advising me to drink plenty of water, to continue my walks but to watch my carbohydrate intake especially in the evenings. Guys, you have to do your part too.

When I came back for my 2nd session, I was so at ease and was chatting and instagramming away. My body started getting used to the different sensations that would occur and I did break a sweat however, the second I got up and took a selfie from the mirror, I could see a huge visible difference. What blew my mind was that I was able to fit into a dress I last wore 5 years ago and that’s just in 2 sessions.

My 3rd EmSculpt Neo session was by far the best. My body had gotten used to the procedure and I actually started enjoying most parts of it. There is one movement that made me cringe but apart from that it was a breeze. I could actually see a huge visible difference and feel the change in my body and I loved it!

For those asking me to describe the sensation, here's a video.

EmSculpt Neo is available at Mendis Aesthetics located at Mandarin Gallery. You can call +65 6235 1728, WhatsApp +65 8858 0810 or email to find out more.

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